instant poetry
artist contribution

Poems and visual images created as collages using the covers from 10 years of publications produced by Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, a postgraduate programme in graphic design. Commissioned as an artist’s contribution to a publication marking the 10th anniversary of the programme.

U.E: “Werkplaats Typografie is a very practical programme, so they had a huge pile of previous publications. For the 10th anniversary, I was asked to do something with these past publications, but given the freedom to do anything I wanted. I set up a poetry workshop with the programme participants, and gave them a simple structure: they had to make poems using text taken from the title pages of the past publications. So not only would a text collage appear, but also a visual collage. As the covers were arranged to reveal the poem, a visual composition of rectangular monochromes and images was also produced.”