video installation

Silent Running was first shown in the group-show
Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
6.06.2018 – 18.09.2018
CentroCentro, Madrid, during PHotoESPAÑA
curated by Hester Keijser

Six sign language users are signing the lyrics of the song 'Silent Running' from Mike and the Mechanics in their respective language.
'Can you hear me running?'

Shona Smit
Nederlandse Gebarentaal
Dutch Sign Language

Merel Naomi van Zuilen
International Sign

Christina Bihl
Dansk Tegnsprog
Danish Sign Language

Daniel Schoevaart
Lingua dei Segni Italiana
Italian Sign Language

Alicia Sort Leal
Lengua de Signes Catalana
Catalan Sign Language

Erika Rimóczi
Magyar Jelnyelv
Hungarian Sign Language